Malta’s Experience

This is the story of my very first experience of the Miracle Morning and how this morning routine became my Lifesaver as I like to refer to.

The first time I learned about the Miracle Morning Experience was one morning at 6:00 am in Malta. I was there on a business trip and I was checking  what’s on the Air Bnb experiences.  When I travel I have this habit of searching experiences guided by locals as I believe it is the best way to get to know a city. 

At that specific trip all of my mornings where already booked by business meetings so I had a hard time finding any experience suiting my calendar. I wanted to do Stand-Up Paddle in Valletta but I couldn’t. The only experience I could do was one called the Miracle Morning Experience at the beach of Sliema at sunrise. It was held at 6:00 am in the morning so that could fit in my calendar.  I didn’t have a clue of what this is about but I thought why not try it out?

I am a passionate learner and a lifelong experimenter, so I grab the chance to meet anything new. The next morning by 5:15 am I was already in a taxi from Valletta to Sliema. When I arrived there, it was like walking into a calm, magical scenery from a novel. The sky was still grey slowly turning into orange  as the sun was rising in slow motion. The horizon line stood out strong and clear, like a rope connecting the sound of dancing waves to my brain. The sound was so magical that I recorded it on my phone so I could keep it and come back to it when needed to feel that calmness again. The tranquility in the movement of the sunrise was breathtaking. 

A few minutes later  I met my guide Guillam. A French guy from Bordeaux working as a banker in Malta. He told me that he and his family had chosen to move to Malta because of the sunshine. He wanted to be able to take his kids out in the sun most of the year. Guillam, the French guy from Bordeaux was the very first person that introduced me to the Miracle Morning Experience and the S.A.V.E.R.S.

Returning to Greece I started to research everything that I could find on the Miracle Morning Experience and in what ways the S.A.V.E.R.S method could change my everyday life.

What would I gain? 

How would it fit in my already crammed schedule?

I am always working on different projects which is not easy and always manageable. It demands laser focus, discipline and organizing skills.

I am an architect and at the same time I am handling a real-estate company abroad.

I also run Rountes Fountes my creative company as I tend to call it. Rountes Fountes is a company designing and producing stationary goods and crafts products as well as organizing purpose workshops.

Before practicing the Miracle Morning Experience, I used to struggle to tick the boxes in my daily to-do list, fit every task in my calendar and rush off to my kids afternoon activities.

To achieve that I had to deprive myself from sleeping hours and eliminate myself into long working hours. On top of that I had to deal with my guilt emotions of not spending enough quality time with my kids.

What really attracted me towards practicing the Miracle Morning Experience was how practical and flexible it is to implement.

It gave me the tools to wake up at my full potential and be able to set the tone for my entire day. A day full of energy, laser focus, motivation and wellness.

Practicing the Miracle Morning Experience was the lifesaver that changed my life. Ever since that trip to Malta I practice daily the Miracle Morning Experience, transforming my life in various areas every morning at 6:00 am.

What I have gained since then:

  • I have laser focus being able to recognize what is important to do Today. What are the actions that I need to take to get me to my goals.
  • I am full of energy and feeling taken care off everyday.
  • Through the daily meditation, being one of the S.A.V.E.R.S letters, I have worked  out my focus muscles to concentrate on the present moment. Here and now, giving space to whatever needs space.
  • I live in calmness waking up on my own at sunrise without any distraction. It is my ME time, giving me the chance to fill up my cup so I can serve others.
  • I am more productive and brave.
  • I experience more happy days versus depressing days. 
  • I learned how to Pause and take pleasure more to what I already have rather that what I don’t have.
  • I learned to concentrate in hearing the sounds of nature, flowing in the tranquility of sunrise.
  • I experience less stress and I have the ability to deal with adversity and difficulties in a more calm and clear mind.

I am sharing my personal experience so I can authentically describe how effective and practical is the S.A.V.E.R.S technique of the Miracle Morning Experience.

Since I was 18, I have always worked with my personal development. I have tried different methods and I have participated in various self-knowledge groups. There is no doubt that every single experience has added to what I have become and who I am today.

I must admit though that the Miracle Morning Experience is my favourite. It is the most practical and effective routine that has changed my everyday life.

I am grateful for that early rising in Sliema Malta, and for that business meeting that did not leave me any other option than the one at 6:00 in the morning. That morning was miraculous since it gave me the gift of early rising and introduced me  to the Miracle Morning Experience.