The Miracle Morning Experience is the ultimate morning routine that can skyrocket the rest of your day.

Give yourself the gift of waking up each day to your full potential.

Make immediate and profound changes in any or every area of your life that you choose to work with.

The Miracle Morning Experience can give you the tools to be healthy and happy.

Wake up in full energy, inspiration and creativity. 

The way you start your day largely determines the quality of your day, your work and your life.

Τhe Miracle Morning Experience gives you the ultimate morning ritual and teaches night-owls how to beat the snooze button, even if you’ve never been a morning person.


Something a bit more personal

My Story

I am Veronica Palaiokrassa, a mother of  two bright eyed kids, Angelina and Panagiotis and married to Kostas, an orthopaedic surgeon whom with I share an exciting life journey.

I am an architect and I also handle a real estate company abroad. At the same time I operate Rountes Fountes my creative company as I like to refer to. Rountes Fountes designs and produces stationary products and crafts items as well as  organizing purpose workshops.

Practicing the Miracle Morning Experience has been a life saver for me. It had a great impact on my confidence, mood, and enthusiasm all of which are huge assets in my workplace.

Constantly working in different areas is not easy to tackle. It demands laser focus, discipline and strong motivation.

Before practicing the Miracle Morning Experience, I used to struggle to tick the boxes in my daily to-do list, fit every task in my calendar and rush off to my kids afternoon activities.

To achieve that I had to deprive myself from sleeping hours and eliminate myself into long working hours. On top of that I had to deal with my guilt emotions of not spending enough quality time with my family.

After practicing the Miracle Morning Experience, my life has changed.

  • I have laser focus and I can recognize the actions that I need to take to get me to my goals.
  • I am full of energy and feeling taken care off everyday.
  • Through the daily meditation, being one of the S.A.V.E.R.S letters, I have worked out my focus muscles to concentrate on the present moment. Here and now, giving space to whatever needs space.
  • I live in calmness waking up on my own at sunrise without any distraction. It is my ME time, giving me the chance to fill up my cup so I can serve others.
  • I am more productive and brave.
  • I experience more happy days versus depressing  days. 
  • I learned how to Pause and take pleasure more to what I already have rather that what I don’t have.
  • I learned to concentrate in hearing the sounds of nature, flowing in the tranquility of sunrise.
  • I experience less stress and I have the ability to deal with adversity and difficulties in a more calm and clear mind.

Give yourself the gift of the Miracle Morning Experience and discover the small, doable shifts that will add up to more profound changes.

Join me in the Miracle of Sunrise!